Welsh ponies

The Welsh ponies or otherwise known as the Welsh sec A, grazes the hill tops of Wales and have done so for centuries since pre- Roman times, hence the name Welsh mountain pony. 

Evidence suggests that a native Welsh-type of pony existed before 1600 BC.

The original breed is thought to have evolved from the prehistoric Celtic pony.

These ponies were primarily developed in Wales.

Herds of ponies roamed in a semi-feral state, climbing mountains, leaping ravines, and galloping over rough moorland terrain.

In 1901 breeders established a registry, called the Welsh-Pony-and-Cob Society, and the first studbook was published in 1902.

It was decided that the Welsh Stud Book should be separated into sections ,divided by type and height.

The society for the Welsh breeds has four sections, primarily distinguished by height, but also by variations in type: the - Section-A, Section B, Section C, and Section D.

This breed should not stand more than 12hh (1.22m) and their colouring is varied in all solid colours being acceptable.

 Piebald and skewbald are not allowed.

Welsh ponies grazing the hill tops.

The breed is very distinctive, intelligent and hardy, with a small attractive dished like head of an Arab.

The ears are neat and pointed, eyes are big and bold with a wide forehead.

It has an elegant crested neck of good length, sloping shoulders to clearly defined wither.

The body is compact and deep through the girth,  with well sprung ribs, a strong back and loins, slender but sturdy legs, with hard dense feet and tail carried high.

Good flat bone below the knee, proportionate sloping pasterns.

Action should be quick, free and straight from the shoulder, knees and hocks well flexed.

The Welsh section A is a beautiful breed and very popular as a child’s riding pony as they are hardy enough to live out all year round.

Welsh ponies are also used for driving and competitions such as showing and in hand, working hunter and pony club events.

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