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Long reining and how do I turn horse in long reins?

How to turn horse

To turn a horse in any direction you need to prepare him first, by using half-halts so you are slightly checking him, encouraging the hind legs to step under.Keeping your reins even  in a straight line.

You need to feel the horse from both hands through the reins to the bit or nose.

If you use the reins correctly , it will enable the horse to turn smoothly, looking in the direction it is turning.

If you want to turn right, walk a little way out to the horse’s right.

You ask for the turn with your right rein and your left rein, which is around the quarters, controls them and encourages the horse to move forward through the turn.

When turning left, you use the same method, walking a little way out to the left side, asking for the turn with your left rein and guiding the quarters with your right rein.

 Practise turning in an enclosed space, until you feel confident that the horse understands what is expected of him.

f you are long reining a youngster, or any other horse, you will need to be aware, that it can sometimes go wrong. When this happens, you will need to react quickly to the situation, as the horse is likely to panic.

Common problems are the horse panics and jumps forward.

The horse bucks and gets caught in one of the reins. I have also seen a horse buck, and the rein get caught underneath his tail, as he clams his tail down in freight.

To find out how to deal with a problem that might arise when long reining, click here

afety for yourself is important, so if this is your first time to long rein click here,for safety information, before you begin to long rein.

If you are new to long reining, practise first with an older experienced horse, that will not get upset if you make a mistake.

If you know someone who is experienced at long reining, then ask for help until you are confident to work alone.

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