Trakehner horses

Trakehner horses are warm bloods also known as the East Prussians, originated in the area of Europe previously known as East Prussia, now in the present day Poland.

An ancient breed originally bred as a carriage horse.

The breed is a descendent of the Tarpan, was a primitive horse being strong and hardy.

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In 1732, Frederick William 1 of Prussia founded the Royal Trakenhner Stud Administration.

All the main stallions of Prussia stood at the stud and a reputation was soon established for breeding elegant coach horses.

By the 19th century, the fixed type was changing, as the emphasis had shifted from breeding cavalry remounts and chargers.

Arab and Thoroughbred bloodlines were introduced to refine the breed, that produced the modern East Prussian horses of today.

Stallion inspections are held in Neumünster, Germany, each October and approved stallions are required to complete extended performance tests, which rate the horses' gaits, temperament, jumping ability, and suitability over a cross-country course, before being given full breeding licenses.

The breed stands around 16 – 17hh with all solid coat colours found, with the most popular being chestnut, grey, bay and black.

The breed are athletic and trainable, competing in nearly all equestrian disciplines; they are particularly prized as dressage mounts, due to their sensitivity, intelligence and way of going.

Sucsessful at show jumping, excellent at eventing and ideal riding horse. A real all-round elegant athlete bred to compete.

The breed is also used as a "refiner" of other breeds, allowing an infusion of Thoroughbred and Arabian blood without the risks often involved in first generation outcrosses.

It has a "noble" finely chiselled head and large expressive eyes, resting on a long elegant, graceful, and well-set neck, with good-shaped strong sloping shoulders and powerful hindquarters, strong limbs, short cannons, and hard feet.

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