Training your horse from the ground

Training your horse by lunging.

Before you ask the horse to work in canter on the lunge line, he needs to be working well in walk and trot, with the correct bend to the inside through its neck and body, and then you can ask for the transition into canter.

Use just the canvasson when cantering on the lunge for the first time, so he can find his own balance before you introduce side reins.

Make sure the horse strikes canter on the correct leg.

If he strikes off on the wrong leg, ask for trot, establish a good rhythm first then ask for canter again.

Most horses favour a certain way and feel more comfortable on a certain leg.

You will need time and patients for the young horse to work well on both reins.

What are the benefits of this equestrian training?

Free longing teaches the horse to balance and carry itself correctly.

It is an excellent way of re-schooling horses that are not well behaved on a line.

Young horses or one that needs re-schooling will often pull against the rein, which will unbalance the horse and put a strain on its back, joints and muscles.

It is a good starting point for any horse.

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