Training problems

Training problems with long reins.

If you are new to long reining, you need to be aware, that sometimes you will encounter a problem that you will have to overcome, especially if you are dealing with a youngster.

Do you know what to do if something goes wrong when long reining?

The horse panics or jumps forward.

When a horse is frightened, its natural reaction is to turn and run away from whatever it is afraid of. Therefore, you will need to reassure him, if this happens.

If this happens, do not pull on the back rein.

Use the front rein to keep it on the circle and maintain contact with the back rein to keep it above the hocks.

Training problems

Your voice is very important so, remember to talk to the horse in a soothing manner to calm him down.

The horse bucks

If the horse bucks and gets an outside hind leg over the back rein, let go of the back rein and ask the horse to halt or get the horse to come to you and then halt.

Talk to the horse and move forward to his head and start again.

My horse bucked and got the rein stuck underneath his tail.

This has happened a few times with me over the years, and every time I was training a youngster, that’s no to say an experienced horse would react any different.

If the rein got caught under the horse’s tail, If this happens, it will react by firmly holding its tail down (clamping) and possibly rushing forward, in fright.

Keep the horse on a circle without putting pressure on the back rein. Talk to him and give him chance to relax and release the ,so it slides back into place above the hocks.

If he is still upset and won’t lift his tail up then the next step would be to drop the back rein and walk to the horse’s head. Remember to talk to him on approach. By stroking him he may relax and release the rope.

Some horses get so upset, that they are unable to lift up the tail.

As a last resort lift the horse's tail up to release the rope, be careful the horse may kick out in fright.

Once you have released the rein from underneath the tail, the horse will be his normal self.

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