Training a horse to jump

Training a horse to jump with a lunge line.

If you do not have the facilities to free lunge the horse, then lunging would be the next best way to start him off.

What do I need for lung jumping?

You will need a lunge line, lunging whip and to protect yourself, always wear a riding hat.

Overreaching boots, tendon boots and fetlock boots will protect the horse and help prevent injuries.

Whatever you do on the lunge, work equally on both reins.

The easiest way to set the fence up is by using jump blocks, so they will not interfere with the lunge line.

Set the jump, close to the fence or post line. On the other side, you will need to slope a pole, to act as a wing to keep the horse in.

If you place the fence so it is open both sides, remember to slope a pole both sides.

If you do not have jump blocks, then make use of what you have around you.

Milk crates or forty-gallon drums will do.

If you use the drums, place them on their side, making sure you secure them, as you do not want them to start rolling.

Training a horse

To begin with, lunge the horse in walk, then progress to a pole on the floor, keeping in walk.

Ground train lunging

Once the horse is comfortable, ask for trot over the pole.

The next step is, to set up a cross pole, working in trot on both reins. If the horse breaks into canter, that is fine

A cross pole is always a good fence to warm a horse up over.

It will encourage the horse to jump in the middle of the fence, as this is the lowest part.

When the horse is jumping confidently over the cross pole, you can progress to a straight bar.

Keep the fence low, as working on a circle can be quite tiring for the horse.

Therefore, it is better to change the appearance of the fence. I

f you do not have coloured poles, you can make your own fillers, out of milk crates, orange cones, coloured blanket and so on.

By changing the way the fence looks, it will keep the horse interested and prevent boredom.

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