Train foal to stand tied up.

Foal training

Train foal to stand tied up.

Is the foal ready?

Before you attempt to tie the foal up, he needs to be well handled and familiar with the head collar.

The foal’s first experience will be to tie him up in a secure place such as his stable.

Firstly, tie the mare up so she doesn't get in the way, then put the head collar on the foal.

Next, put the lead rope through the metal ring that should be attached to the stable wall in order to tie the horse up.

Keep the end of the rope in your hand and stand to the back of the foal with your other hand on its quarters, this way you will be able to encourage it to move forward each time it leans back on the rope.

The foal will gradually learn that by taking a step forward it takes pressure off its head.

When the foal accepts this tie it up using a quick release knot.

When the foal pulls back on the lead encourage it to go forward by standing near its hindquarters and putting your hand behind it.

Stay with the foal until it is calm. When you decide to leave it, make sure you are in earshot of it in case there is a problem and he starts to panic. 

When you untie the foal, make it stand for a short while before you let it go; as you don’t want the foal developing a bad habit like moving off quickly the moment you release it.

Safety precautions

There should be nothing in the stable that can get in the way, like buckets or hay nets. 

The foal can easily strike out with a front leg and get his legs caught up in the hay net.

A situation like this will make him panic even more.

The metal ring should be set high enough up the wall in order to prevent foal problems occurring like getting a foreleg over the rope.

Loop a piece of baling cord to the attached ring first.

Tie to the cord, as it is easier to cut in an emergency if you have problems with untying the knot.

Train foal

By the end of foals first year it should be


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Stand tied up

Halter trained


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