The Ardennes horse

The Ardennes horses originated from Ardennes, in Belgium, Luxembourg and France.

It is an ancient breed and is believed to be a direct descendant of Solutre, a prehistoric horse that existed 50,000 BC.

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The Ardennais  is a heavy draught, exceptionally strong for its size

It matures early, and they are known to be easy keepers, economical to feed despite their size.

The breed is placid by nature and  found in many colours, although black horses are very rare and are not allowed to be registered with the breed registry.

It stands around 15.2-16hh weighing between 1,540 to 2,200 pounds (700 to 1,000 kg).

Their heads are heavy, with a broad face and a straight or slightly convex profile.

Their conformation is broad and muscular, with a compact body, short back, and short, sturdy legs with strong joints.

Its feet are surprisingly small, along with curly feathers which are not as thick as many other heavy horse breeds.

Ardennes horses have been used throughout history as war horses, both as cavalry mounts and to draw artillery, and are used today mainly for heavy draft and farm work, meat production and competitive driving events.

They have also been used to influence or create several other horse breeds throughout Europe and Asia, which include the Baltic Ardennes and Russian Heavy Draft.

Horsemeat is a dietary staple in many European countries, including France, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland. The Ardennes is also bred for the meat market.

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