The Tersky is a native horse to  Russia, that was developed from the Strelets Arab.

The Strelets Arab was a part-bred breed rather than a purebred Arabian, from the famous Russian Strelets Stud.

Photo of horse by Katie Brooks   

With the breed in decline following the Russian revolution, several were moved to the Tersk stud, forming the new foundation line to a new breed.

The mares were crossed with pure Arabians and part-bred Arabs, which produced the modern breed of today.

The averages height ranges from 14.3 – 15.2hh with a coat colour of silver-grey or white with pink skin beneath the coat.

These horses have a calm temperament, and are intelligent, quick learners.

Arab like in appearance although a little larger and heavier built, with a refined graceful head and large, expressive eyes, and medium length ears.

The neck is muscular and high-set.

The horses have sloped shoulders, a deep chest, strong back with muscular loins, and a flattish croup and tail carried high.

The legs are fine with well-defined tendons.

The horses are light-framed, and light in bone, although the breed standard calls for a measurement of 7.5 inches.

A light horse with both grace and agility along with extended paces.

It is a popular breed and often used as a riding horse, dressage horse, cross-country and can often be seen in the circus ring, being intelligent and of an excellent temperament.

The horses are known for their endurance, demonstrated when several horses were entered in a 192-mile ride and every Tersk finished in good time and shape, and so are good for endurance riding.

The Tersk's graceful Arabian stride makes them good for dressage and their bold nature and athleticism suits them for show jumping.

They are also very fast and frequently raced against Arabians. So the breed is very adaptable and versatile. 

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