British Spotted Pony

The British spotted pony ranges from 8 hands to 14.2hh. 

Anything larger is registered as an Appaloosa with the Appaloosa society.

In 1947, the British Spotted Horse and Pony society was founded to register and preserve the breed. 

At this time, both horses and ponies were registered. 

Little pony picture

In 1976 the breed association split in two, the British Spotted- Pony-society for ponies, and the British Appaloosa society for horses. 

Over the years this breed of pony has become rare, with about 800 registered ponies in the societies studbook.

Recognised coat patterns

Leopard– spots of any colour on a white or light coloured background. 

Blanket (my favourite) - an area of white over the hindquarters and hips, which can also be extended over the entire back and shoulders (with or without spots), the base can be any colour. 

Snowflake - white spots on a dark base colour. 

Few spots – groupings of dark hairs within an area – usually knee, gaskin, stifle, cheekbones and nose.

 Other requirements for registration consistent with leopard genetics, include rosy pink, mottled skin around the eyes, muzzle and inside the ears, and a white sclera (in most other horses the "white" of the eye is dark, matching the iris).

The hooves must be striped.

The smallest spotted ponies are very popular and are often sold for showing and as companion ponies.

Due to popularity of the breed, many horses are exported to Australia, USA, Canada, Netherlands, Germany and France.

However, the breed associations put a stop to exporting in the 1970s, when it was found that many of the best stallions and mares were lost due to high demand.

The spotted colouration does not always breed true, as two spotted animals may produce a solid coloured foal.

Many spotted animals are not registered because they lack a visible white sclera or striped hooves.

The spotted-pony is much admired and the smaller they are the cuter they look.

They hold their price due to being different;while others drop in value, do to the time of year or the current state of the market value.

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