Spooky horse training

How to deal with a spooky horse.

When training a youngster, you need to be a confident, positive rider.

If you are not, the horse will pick up on this and react even more.

If you are a novice rider, then a spooky young horse is not for you.

Horses like this need a very experienced rider to further their training.

If you are a beginner, with a positive attitude then follow the steps below.

You should introduce the horse to as many sights and sounds at an early age, in the stable and on home ground where they feel safe.

To minimise the risk of a spooky ride, get the horse customised to loud noise, radio blasting, the horn of a car, revving of an engine, dogs barking, people cheering and clapping and an alarm going off.

Familiarise them with as many scary items as you can.

The umbrella, wheelie bins, black bin liners, plastic bags, football, bike, hand held windmill and reflective objects like those that are made of cardboard and foil.

This kind of training can be done at home without leaving the yard.

Let him experience as many noises and objects as possible before you attempt to ride on the road.

When you do, go out in the company of an older sensible horse. 

He will  inspire confidence in the young inexperienced horse.

Continue riding out with the companion horse, until the horse is more relaxed.

When you finally ride alone, if you do encounter problems, continue with the training at home. Remember, time and patients will win in the end.

There is no such thing as a bomproof horse.

No matter how good or quiet a horse is, you could never guarantee that a horse would never spook or be startled by something.

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