Sick horse

Horse health and the sick horse.

Horses and especially ponies are hardy animals.

Inspect your horse or pony on a regular basis and be aware of any obvious signs of change.

If you are unsure, it is always better to get a second opinion.

Sticking out ribs and a potbelly are signs of worms.

At rest, the horse should feel warm, with cool feet and legs.

His droppings should be formed and should just break on reaching the ground.

The first thing you need to do when you visit your horse is to look over it and to notice any obvious changes.

Signs of a sick-horse

·               Ears flat back 

·               Looks sad and miserable  

·               Sweating  

·               Bleeding from the nose  

·               Lying down, unable to get up  

·               Runny nose, this can be a thick yellow mucus or thin clear yellow  

·               Coughing  

·               Not his usual self, won’t come to the stable door  

·               Off his feed  

·               Kicking belly  

·               Flatulence  

·               Grinding teeth  

·               High temperature, raised pulse and breathing rates  

·               Dull feel to his coat 

·               Looks pinched around the nostrils  

·               Droppings, very loose, diarrhoea  

·               Droppings, unusual colour  

·               Urine, altered in colour  

·               Pawing at floor 

If you have any concerns, contact your equine vet immediately.

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