Show hack

Horse types include the  show hack, and the word "hack" describes a horse for general riding .

They are usually of Thoroughbred blood, elegant and graceful.

Two types were recognised in Britain in the 19th century.

The first one was the Covert hack horse.

This was a showy riding horse that was used as a means of “posh” transport to carry its owner at a smooth and comfortable canter to the meet on hunting days.

The groom would have gone on ahead on the hunter and would be waiting to exchange rides.

The hack was lighter in build than the hunter as strength and stamina were less important.

The Park-hack was used for riding in towns such as London Park and was well mannered and even more elegant.

The modern-hack is used, mainly for riding and competitions.

The overall shape needs to be that of a thoroughbred with clean limbs and 8 inches of expected bone below the knee.

Show-hacks in the UK are divided into two height classes - small hacks are 148cms to 154 cms and large hacks are 154 cms to 160 cms.

Hacks in any country must be of elegant appearance, and show excellent self-carriage.

In the UK, they are usually full or part-bred Thoroughbreds. Anglo-Arabians are particularly successful in these classes.

Hacks in the UK must have straight movement and move with "pointed" toes.

Individual shows do not need to show a gallop, but should show rein back alongside the usual requirements of halt, walk, trot and canter.

The horse stands between 14.2 and 15.3hh (1.47 – 1.60m), of any colour but solid colours are preferred.

Correct conformation is essential, the good length of shoulder and well-set front end allows the horse to exhume elegance, natural carriage and ease in movement at all paces.

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