Shiprock stud

18 November 2012 Apollo Diaries

I was born just before midnight on 18 November 2012 at Shiprock Stud, Hoddles Creek, Victoria, Australia.  Hello world here I am!

This must be mum.  She's right there beside me giving me loving licks and nudging me with her nose.  But wait.  What's that bright light and what are those strange creatures on two legs?

Mum reassures me that I have nothing to worry about.  They are friends and mum knows them well.

I know that I need to get to my feet quickly.  Something inside me says it's not safe to stay on the ground too long.  I try to stand but can't seem to control all four legs at the same time.  Mum encourages me to keep trying.  It looks so easy.  If she can do it so can I. 

In no time at all I'm on my feet.  Woah!  These things are wobbly!  It's going to take a while to get used to this standing lark. 


Instinct tells me there is something I should be doing right now.  Oh yes, that's it, I'm hungry.  Where's the milk bar?  Mum shows me where the bar is and I take my first tentative steps.  These long legs of mine are going in different directions.  How come mum makes it look so easy?

I finally make it to the milk bar and take my first nourishing drink.  Ah, this is the life!

Breakfast over and mum moves on.  Wait mum!  I can't keep up.  My legs are made of jelly.  Then I see a bright flash and wonder what's going on.  Don't worry son says mum, that's your first photo.  There will be plenty more where that came from.  Just make sure you always look cute, point the ears forward and say "hay".

"Apollo - 1 hour old"

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