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The Welsh Pony of Riding Type, Welsh section b was developed by crossing the welsh section A’s with the welsh cob or welsh section D’s.

It is the second division within the Welsh-pony-registry.

These ponies resemble the Section A pony, but are of a more refined "riding type".

They generally have a slightly lighter build, as a result of Thoroughbred and Hackney blood.

Welsh section b

However, they should not be light of bone; they should resemble their Mountain Pony ancestors for quality of bone.

The breed also has Arab ancestors in the bloodlines.

The breed was originally used by the Welsh hill farmers for herding sheep and for transport.

The modern welsh breed have existed since the 20th century and are taller than Section A with a maximum height of 13.2 hands (54 inches, 137 cm)in the UK.

The breed combines the hardiness and substance of the Section A with elegant movement and athletic ability.

They can be of any solid colour. Piebald and skewbald are not acceptable for registration.

The head is small and attractive, with well-placed neat pointed small ears, large alert eyes, small, wide nostrils  with a long graceful and arched neck.

Long sloping shoulders and strong muscular back.

The legs are fine with short flat bone below the knee, sloping pasterns and the body is deep through the girth. The feet are dense and well-shaped.

The sec b is known for elegant movement and athletic ability while retaining the substance and hardiness of the foundation stock, the Section A Welsh pony.

The breed is intelligent, kind, brave and spirited.

These ponies are more commonly used as children's ponies and also used as competition ponies including gymkhanas, jumping, hunter-jumpers, racing and showing in hand and under saddle.

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