Russian horse

Russian horse

The Ukranian riding horse was bred in Russia.

The Russians have been breeding quality horses for generations with an emphasis placed on using local breeds.

The breed developed in Ukraine after World war 11, to meet the increasing demand for sport horses and riding horses for the local people of the area.

A highly selective breeding programme was established and crosses with Nonis – Furioso – North star and Gidran mares from Hungary with Thoroughbred, Trakenher and Hanoverian stallions.

The progeny were selectively interbred and Types were fixed.

Horses that were too fine were crosses with Hanoverians and likewise with Thoroughbred if they were too heavy.

Since the original type was formed, only Hanoverian and Thoroughbred blood have been used to improve and upgrade the breed.

Breeding first began at the Ukranian stud at Dnepropetrovsk and later at the Aleksandrist, Derkulsk, and Yagolnitsk studs.

The height ranges from around 16 hands high to 16.2 hands high (1.60 – 1.65) with the most common coat colours being bay, brown and chestnut.

The breed is solidly built with an attractive head, which is either straight or slightly concave in profile, with large expressive ears set on a straight long neck with prominent withers.

The shoulders are sloping and chest is deep with a long and muscular flat back and sloping croup.

The legs are strong and clean with strong dark, tough hooves.

The horses are kept in a regulated environment.

They begin training just before age two, and are required to participate in a performance testing as two- and three-year-olds, which includes racing on the track, jumping, and dressage.

Only the best are allowed to stand at stud.

The breed has a good temperament and is easy to train and very versatile being very suited to competitive riding, and excel in show jumping, dressage and eventing.

They are also used as a riding horse, show horse and military horse.

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