Russian animal Orlov trotter

Russian animal, Orlov trotter horses date back to the 18th century and are the most popular breed in Russia.

A breeding programme began at the Khrenov Stud under the guidance of Count Orlov Smetanka .

A white Arab stallion was put to Danish and Mecklenburg mares.

Bars1 was chosen as the breed foundation sire and was described as a tall horse of elegant conformation with outstanding action.

He was put to Danish, Arab and Dutch mares.

His progeny in time were put to similar breeds and then some interbreeding back to “Bars 1” to establish the desired type.

Selection and performance testing for breeding Orlov trotters is graded on the racetrack with only the fastest going on to breed.

The Orlov trotter was once recorded as the fastest trotting horse in the world, but it lost supremacy to the American Standard bred.

Russian horse by Xellossnut

During the 19th century, Orlov trotter horses, were used mainly for riding and harness racing by Russian nobility.

They were valued for their beauty and elegance combined with the ability to work hard.

They were also used for the improvement of other Russian horses.

The average height is around 16 hands high (1.60m) with coat colours of grey, black, bay and chestnut being very rare.

Orlov trotters in general, are taller and more robust than Standardbreds.

In appearance, the Orlovs are characterized by a big head, large expressive eyes, and a long and naturally swanlike neck set high on the shoulders with prominent withers and broad croup.

The body is muscular and the back long with good depth in the girth. Legs are strongly built, with good strong bones, prominent joints and clearly defined tendons.

The breed is used for riding, driving and trotting races and also use extensively to upgrade other breeds.

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