Ragwort weed a lethal pest!

Let’s get one thing straight. Ragwort weed is deadly for our equine friends, and never let anyone tell you different.

Ragwort weed is deadly. It is a very common yellow flower with a distinctive leaf shape, and controlling it is not easy.

They bloom in July, August and September, and if left alone can grow up to a height of four feet; and multiply the following year.

Ragwort is known as the” silent killer” as it has fatal effects.

There are many poisonous plants for horses click here to find them!

You need to check the field out first, before you turn your horse into it.

Don't take someone's word, get your willies on and do it!

Hedges and grazing should be free from all kinds of poisonous plants.

Many plants are poisonous to equines.

It’s surprising how many people who own horses are totally unaware of the dangers, and think a field must be ok if somebody else has a horse grazing in it.

What types of plants you may find will depend on the location, weather and grazing.

Ragwort weed

The results of ragwort poisoning are fatal, leading to a slow, painful death.

The best time to dig up ragwort is before it flowers and make sure you protect your hands with gloves, as it is harmful to us.

Placing a handful of salt in the hole will kill off any remaining roots you may have missed.

The best time to pull them up is when the soil is wet.

If the field is infested with this dreaded weed, you would need to spray the area as it would take forever to pull them up by hand.

Once this is done you need to rest it before you turn the horse into the field.

Many landowners just turn a blind eye to horses grazing in a field with ragwort.

They are lazy, ignorant and get away with it, simply because the people who own the horses are not a wear of the dangers that surround this bright yellow weed.

So spread the word and share your knowledge with others.

If you have concerns, contact Defra who will give you more information.

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