Racking horse

The Racking horse is a native American horse. The registry was established in 1971 so relatively a modern breed, established with the help of Joe D Bright and other businesspersons.


Image by tack house treasures - Dancer and Kat

Shiawassee County Fairgrounds 

Tennessee walking horse bloodlines are its origins where development began.

The term “Rack” was the country word for the”single foot” gait. This is performed at great speed with only one foot on the ground at any one time.

The “rack" performed by the horse is a bilateral four-beat gait which is neither a pace nor a trot.

This gait is as natural to the breed as striking a fast forward trot comes to any other horse.

There is no set type to the breed, but all horses must display the “single foot rack”.

This is performed at high speed with only one foot on the floor at any one time and is as natural to the horse as walking and trotting.

This rack performed by this breed must not be confused with that performed by other breeds, which perform the rack artificially, achieved by specialised training.

This breed of horse will perform the gaits naturally in the show ring or at home, riding or hacking.

It is  considered a "light" horse in comparison with other breeds, averaging  around 15.2hh (1.55m) with all coat colours - black, bay, sorrel, chestnut, brown, grey, yellow, cremello, buckskin, dun, palomino, roan, champagne, and even spotted.

It is an attractive and gracefully horse, with a long sloping neck, full flanks, well boned, smooth legs and finely textured hair.

It is used as a riding horse for beginners and also established riders, showing and jumping.

The Racking-horse is one of the most versatile of horse breeds.

Legendary for its beauty, stamina and calm temperament and a sparkling personality along with a smooth lateral gait.

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