Poisonous plants for horses

Poisonous plants for horses.

Horses and ponies need a suitable field to graze, so you should always check a new field before turning a horse into it.

Hedges and grazing should be free from all kinds of poisonous plants to horses.

There are many plants that are poisonous to our equine friends; species vary depending on location, climate and grazing  conditions.

Some field boundaries back on to gardens, parks and allotments so you need to look out for -


Privet Hedge

Deadly Nightshade


If grazing is good, most horses will stay away, but a hungry horse might be tempted.

Many fields contain Oak trees and crab apple tress .When the fruit falls in the autumn you should either collect all the crab apples or acorns up off the floor, or erect an electric fence to cordon off the danger.

An electric fence is straight forward and quick to erect. It is reasonable to buy and can be used for strip grazing.

Horses will forage on trees as part of their natural diet, but a small amount of any part of the yew tree can be lethal to a horse.

Yew tree

Most evergreen plants are poisonous to horses.

Other poisonous plants for horses.





Meadow saffron

Perennial rye grass

Water hemlock

Ragwort the "silent killer"

Ragwort weed is a very common weed. It has a distinctive leaf and bright yellow flowers, and can grow very tall.

This weed can often be seen on the side of motorways and roundabouts.

Most horses will generally leave ragwort alone, as long as there is plenty to eat in the field.

Therefore, horses that are grazing on pore pasture will be at a much greater risk from this deadly toxic weed that eventually results in liver failure. Ragwort weed is a very common weed.

It has a distinctive leaf and bright yellow flowers.

Safe pasture is a field that is free from poisonous plants. Please keep your horses safe and pass this information on to others.

Poisonous plants. Have you a story to tell?

Do you have a story to share with us? Did your horse make a full recovery? Please educate others by telling your story.

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