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The American Warmblood is more of a "type" than a "breed".

Like most of the European warmbloods, the American Warmblood has an "open" book.

There is more emphasis on producing quality sport horses, rather than the preservation of any particular bloodlines, which allows for much diversity in the bloodlines of American Warmblood.

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From the 1950’s, European Warm bloods were arriving into the USA.

At that time, American groups were not considered to be part of the regional breeding programmes.

By the 1970’s Americans believed the time was right to produce their own sport horse, the American warmblood .

In 1981, the American Warm blood Registry was established with a strict performance criteria and inspections to meet, in order to become registered into the studbook.

This sport horse has been greatly influenced by the European warm bloods, Thoroughbreds, Arabs and several draft breeds.

Breeding stock must be approved for breeding through studbook inspection, which requires mares and stallions to meet, even more stringent inspection and/or performance criteria.

All bloodlines are accepted, but they must meet with all qualities needed.

American Warmbloods are of any colour, though the solid colours are the most common.

Size varies from around 15 – 17hh.

The athletic sport horse should ideally be powerful, balanced with good bone.

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