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The Danubian horse is a half-bred horse that was developed in Bulgaria around the 20th century at the state stud,Kabiuk.

This breed is also known by the name Danav or Danube horse.

It can be found mainly in the Dunav Valley or the Danube, where it takes it's name, as well as on the plains of Southern Bulgaria.

In 1924, production of this Bulgarian breed took place at G. Dimtrov, close to Pleven. The breed was shaped by crossing Nonius stallions with half-bred mares.

Overtime, Thoroughbred blood was introduced which produced a horse of much higher quality and refinement than before.

Upgrading also took place using Thoroughbred and Anglo-Arab blood to produce a better quality horse, giving it a more competitive edge.

The Danube horse stands around 15.00 hands high to 15.2 hands high, and typical body colour is black and dark chestnut.

The breed is impressive, strong and stocky, blessed with a compact body.

It is a handsome eye catching horse with a neat well-proportioned, expressive head on a strong, strapping neck.

It has well developed, muscular shoulders and powerful hindquarters with tail set high.

The legs are comparatively slender for the great size of the body.

The bones are hard, dense and the general effect is of a strong stocky horse of power and vigour.

Overall, it is one of solid confirmation, energetic with a calm temperament.

The Danube horse is a hard working light draft horse, extensively used as a workhorse for farm work, riding horse and excellent jumper.

This breed of horse does not ask for a high nutritious diet and thus, low nutrition and management necessities make this horse a very desirable animal.

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