Peruvian Paso

Peruvian Paso horses also known as Peruvian - stepping horses or Peruvian-horses, are a popular breed of Peru.

Descended from Spanish stock, they can trace their ancestry back to the Arab, Barb and the Andaluian.

Over time, the breed has been carefully developed and selectively bred primarily for gait, conformation, temperament, and characteristic lateral gaits.

They wanted strong, hardy animals that were comfortable to ride and easy to control.

The breed is true to type and they display a natural ability to perform this distinctive gait, which is considered an art form.

Instead of a trot, the horse performs an ambling four beat gait between the walk and the canter.

It is a lateral gait, in that it has four equal beats and is performed laterally — left hind, left fore, right hind, right fore.


This produces a smooth ride, while the horse is able to maintain it’s pace working at high altitudes on the rough mountain terrain and for a long time.

Horses that do not show correct form are not put to stud for breeding.

It is striking to look at with a proud head carriage and upright neck and muscled structure.

These horses are noted internationally for their good temperament and comfortable ride.

The breed is well muscled with a heavy upright neck and body, elegant and powerful.

A deep well-muscled chest, strong hind legs and good joints. The mane is long and flowing with the tail set low, clamped tightly between the buttocks.

Peruvian paso

Proudly standing between 14 – 15.2hh with all solid coat colours found.

They can be found in chestnut, black, bay, brown, buckskin, palomino, grey, roan or dun, with bay and chestnut being popular.

Solid colours, greys and dark skin are considered the most desirable.

The breed is used for pleasure riding, trail, horse shows, parades, and endurance riding.

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