Percheron horse

Percheron horses come from the region in La Perche, Normandy, France.

It is the most famous and populous of all French draft breeds in the world today.

Over the years, it has served as a warhorse, stagecoach horse, farm horse and artillery horse during World War 1.

The breed boasts infusions of Arab and other oriental blood, such as the Barb, which is evident in its Arab- like head.

One of the tallest horses that ever lived was a horse that stood 21hh (a big horse), though generally the average height is around 16 – 17hh (1.6 – 1.7m) with coat colours of grey or black, but foals are always born black.

As the young horse matures, their true colour begins to come through and, like most greys their coat gets lighter each passing year.

The head has a fine, straight profile, with a broad forehead, large energetic eyes and small ears that reflect the breed's Arabian ancestry. Its nose is straight with wide nostrils.

Strong sloping shoulders, with a chest that is deep and wide. The back is short and strong; with croup long and level. Its limbs are clean and sound, with powerful forearms and thighs.

They are broad, compact and very strong with sturdy legs, without feather and hard feet of blue horn.

Percheron horse

A docile draught horse that still works on the land, for draft work.

Like other draft breeds, it is also used in France for meat production.

In Great Britain, the breed is used for advertising and publicity, as well as forestry and farm work.

They are crossbred with lighter horses by breeders of heavy hunters, in order to increase size and improve conformation.

Also used for parades,  as a coach horse, sleigh rides and hayrides, as well as being used to pull carriages in large cities in the United States.

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