Naughty horse

How do I catch my naughty horse in the field?

If you have turned the horse out, into a large field and you are unable to catch him, the last thing you must do is give up.

If you do this then the horse has won and knows exactly what to do next time.

The most effective method to use when the horse is on the run is to keep him moving, not allowing him to run to a safe distance then put his head down to eat grass.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, if it’s a large field then it could be difficult, but it has to be done!

If the horse stops to approach you or turns to face you, then take up a more relaxed position with your arms down and eyes soft.

Approach him slowly and quietly talking to him in a gentle manner.

I find it more successful to approach head on, trying not to make eye contact straight away.

Holding the head collar in one hand behind your back. Yes, they are intelligent, so don’t let him see it!

If he decides to run away from you ,keep him moving by doing whatever you can, running, waving your arms or a stick, until he turns to you, or approaches you again. 

At this point, you might feel exhausted, especially if you are trying to run around a field that is deep with wet gooey mud, but you must continue to keep him on the move, as he will eventually learn, that it is easier to be caught than constantly chased around the field.

When you do catch the horse, do not shout or pull on the lead rope, instead reward him with a stroke and tit bit so he learns that it is a far more pleasant experience to be caught.

Reward good behaviour and the horse will soon learn.

You will need to be consistent, so every time he comes to you in the field, always give him a reward.

It could be a polo, carrot, apple or pony nuts, just keep them in your pocket.

He will remember this and look forward to seeing you next time you go to catch him.

With time, patients and trust, the horse will soon learn what is required of him when you approach his field.

I remember a little bay pony from years ago that my brother used to ride.

He was awesome and could turn his hoof to anything and was perfect in every way.

He came to my brother in the winter as the field was bare.

After several weeks in the poached field, it was time to change fields and with this came the grass and the problems.

Oh, yes! He turned into the pony from hell!

He was a nightmare to catch, such a naughty horse and his previous owners hadn’t said a word!

Thinking back, I don’t think we asked either!

After several hours of chasing him around a large field, he finally gave up, and stood still to be caught.

Once the head collar was on, he turned back into the pony we all loved.

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