Morgan horses

Morgan horses come from Massachusetts in the USA.

They are descended from a stallion called Justin Morgan, which stood around 14hh (1.43m), so not that tall.

He was originally called Figure until he changed hands in 1795, as payment for a debt owed to Justin Morgan who re named the horse after himself.

Morgan worked hard in the fields and when his owner died he changed hands several times but continued to endure plenty of hard work.

USA horses

He eventually ended up with Levi Bean, who was a farmer and he was put to work pulling a muck spreader, ploughing, moving timber along with other farm duties.

He also competed in harness and under saddle with great success.

There are no records of “Justin Morgan’s “bloodlines, but it is believed to be Thoroughbred/Arab lines along with Welsh cob.

Morgan horses

In 1961, the Morgan-horse was named the official state animal of Vermont.

In 1970, the Morgan-horse was named the official state horse of Massachusetts.

The typical height is between 14.1 – 15.2hh with common coat colours being bay, black, brown and chestnut.

Less common colours include grey, palomino, roan, cremello, perlino, dun, buckskin, and silver dapple.

The breed is compact and refined in build, with a medium sized expressive beautiful face, large alert eyes.

The graceful neck is well crested and arched with defined withers.

Sloping shoulders, short and well-muscled back, deep chest and well-muscled hindquarters and croup.

The tail is set high and carried gracefully. Cannons and pasterns are both short, feet are well rounded with dense horn.

There is officially one Breed Standard for Morgan type regardless of the discipline or bloodline of the individual horse.

Today it is an all-round horse, being used for riding, driving, competition and draught work.

This elegant and graceful horse is indeed eye catching and one that I would like to own someday.

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