The Mangalarga was originally developed in the early 19th century in the Minas Gerais area of Brazil by Francisco Gabriel Junqueira, the Baron of Alfenas.

It is known locally as the Junquiera,and is closely related to the Crioulo.

Alter Real stallions from Portugal and Brazil stallions were crossed with the native Crioulo mares on his lands in Baependi County at Minas Gerais State.

The crosses produced the breed, which is a larger horse than the Crioulo with longer legs and a distinguished gait, called the Marcha.

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This gait is described as being  a fast rocking step, between a trot and a canter, and is said to be a very comfortable for the rider.

The height ranges from 14 – 16hh (1.43 – 1.60m) with most horses averaging 15 hands.

Elegant Mangalarga

Typical coat colours are grey, roan, bay, chestnut and sorrel.

Other coat colours such as albinos, cremellos and perlinos are not permitted to be registered in the breed society.

The head is of triangular shape (not concave) with large alert eyes that are set wide apart.

The ears are proportional to the head and well set ears, with the tips turned inward.  

The neck is long, arched and muscled, with well-defined high prominent withers.

The chest is deep, long and muscular, medium length straight and muscular back with Short loins.

The hindquarters are muscular and well proportioned, with a slightly sloping croup and short, strong back. A high set tail gives this breed a fine appearance.

Originally designed as a ranch horse, today they are used for riding,endurance riding and as a ranch horse to work the stock.

Trail riding, endurance and long distance riding, dressage, reining, team penning, eventing, mounted archery and mounted shooting. A good all round horse.

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