Lunging horse over a jump

What are the benefits of free lunging horse over a jump?

Free lunging is an ideal way to introduce a young horse or an older horse that has never jumped before.

The horse is able to jump naturally without the interference of a rider.

Free lunging horse

Points to remember

Always attach the lunge line to the cavasson, never the bit.

Never attach side reins or place reins around the stirrup leathers.

The horse needs to be free over the fence and should be able to use its head, shoulders, round its back in order to ‘bascule’.

Remember to work on both reins, spending a maximum of ten minutes on each rein.

Keep the horse interested and always end on a good note.


Where can I free lunge?

A lunging pit is an ideal place to work in.

If you don’t have the facilities then a flat field, alongside a hedgerow would be fine.

It is easier if you have someone to help you, but it is possible to manage on your own.

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