Lunging a horse

Lunging a horse

Lunging a horse is a technique used for training horses.

The horse is asked to work at the end of a line and respond to voice commands from the handler on the ground that holds the line.

What does a horse learn from this ground training?

It settles a fresh horse before riding. It accustoms the horse to move in a balanced rhythmical manner in walk, trot and canter, and is part of the horse breaking training.

Points to remember:

Lunging places a strain on the horse.

Work equally on both reins.

Build up the length of time gradually over a couple of sessions

You need to be confident. As the young horse will quickly learn to take advantage of you.

If the horse has never been lunged before, make sure the enclosure is safe and the he is unable to jump out.

You need to work in a circular area of approximately 20 metres.

A lunge pit is ideal, or you can construct your own using forty-gallon drums and poles on top and on the floor to form a circle.

Lunging must be kept interesting for the horse.

It must not be allowed to become bored or tired.

The horse needs to be warmed up and cooled down on the lunge, allowing the neck to stretch and back muscles to settle and relax.

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