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What equipment do I need to long rein?

There are a few items you will need, and here they are -

A pair of long-reins, approx 30ft long.

A lunging roller. I always use a numnah or saddle pad underneath the roller, for protection.

A lunging cavesson, or a bridle without the reins attached. I prefer to use a bridle as I find it much easier to control a horse.

For safety reasons, make sure you wear a riding hat, especially if you are working with a young horse as you have to expect the unexpected.

Sadly not many people do.

Riding gloves are important, as they will provide you with better grip.

Prevention is best

When it comes to protection boots for horses, again there is a difference of opinion.

I always use boots, over reach boots, tendon boots and fetlock boots to protect the horse and help prevent injuries.

While others believe, if the horse has not over reached, then do not put them on until he does.

Again, it is a matter of opinion.

When can I begin to Long rein?

The young horse should be responding well to you vocal commands and lunging on both reins, at walk and trot before you attempt to move on.

A horse needs to feel calm, confident, and excepting of the two reins, as the outside rein will hang around their hindquarters and hind legs. 

If the horse is not accustomed to the feel of the two reins along its back and round its quarters and sides, you will need to practice this first in the stable

Remember to take one step at a time when training a horse or pony.

Free lunging is the first place to start, as it teaches the horse to balance and carry itself correctly.

It is an excellent way of re-schooling horses that are not well behaved on a line.

Young horses or one that needs re-schooling will often pull against the rein that will unbalance the horse and put a strain on its back, joints and muscles.

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