What is free longing?

This is working the horse on a circle without a line.


What are the benefits of lunging a horse?

It teaches the horse to balance and carry itself correctly.

It is an excellent way of re-schooling horses that are not well behaved on a line.

What equipment do I need?


Just a head collar would be fine for the young horse.

You may use a bridle and saddle with reins and stirrups removed or made safe.

Side reins can be attached to the rings leading to a cavasson or head collar, but this depends on the age and stage of the training you are at.

You will need two whips. One short whip to hold in the front hand and a larger whip to hold in the rear hand.

Protective boots should be used on all legs. Consider over reaching boots if you believe he is likely to over reach, especially if the going is deep.

As a precautionary measure I always bandage four legs and use over reaching boots, as it's just not worth the risk.Some horses get very excited and fresh, when the lead is unclipped and they realise they are free.

For your own safety, you will need to wear a riding hat. This will protect you if the horse cuts across the circle and strikes out.

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