What is longeing?

lunging is a technique used for training.

The horse is asked to work at the end of a line and respond to voice commands from the handler on the ground that holds the line.


What does a horse learn from this kind of training?

It settles a fresh horse before riding.

It accustoms the horse to move in a balanced rhythmical manner in walk, trot and canter.

My horse keeps changing direction!

You are standing in the wrong position too far forward.

If you are level with the horse’s shoulder or more, then the horse could turn and change direction.

 Your body position is important at all times as it gives the horse direction.

My horse is not listening to me!

It is quite common for a young horse to wiz off on his own, the moment you ask him to walk on.

Walk forward towards him, talking in a calm and reassuring manner as you approach the horse.

Be aware that if the enclosure is not high enough the horse may jump out.

When you have hold of the horse, lead it round on the circle a couple of times then move away slowly, stepping backwards towards the centre of the circle.

How long should I lunge my horse for?

Ten minutes a day is enough to begin with. The length of time can be increased depending on the age of the horse.

Although the voice is not commonly used for riding, it is very important in lunging and should be used frequently.

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Horse training

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