Load horse problems

Help me load horse!

Why is my horse is bad to load?

What can I do to help?

If the horse keeps jumping off the side of the ramp, it might be a good idea to park closely alongside a wall.

This will take away his escape root and should keep him safe.

Load horse

It’s quite common that some horses refuse to load even though they are on the way home.

Some horses are just taking advantage because they can.

In a situation like this you have a couple of options, but first it must be said, never be tempted to pull on the lead rope or you may end up with a frightened horse rearing up on the ramp and doing damaging himself.

If the horse is older and just testing you out, it might just need a tap on the hindquarters with a stick or whip.

Just be aware that he could kick out at you.

Temp him in with food, by shaking a bucket of pony nuts. This works for some horse, but not for others.

Try linking hands with someone either side of the horse.

Your hands should be just above the hocks. Lean forward to tighten the grip and push forward into walk.

Again this works for some horses while others won’t budge.

If linking hands fail, try a lunge line. Place the middle of the lunge line around the horse, so it sits above the hocks.

You need a person on either side of the horse to pull the line and encourage the horse to load.

A third person should have a bucket with food in it, to tempt him in. If he is still reluctant to move, get someone else to lift a foreleg onto the ramp and then the other leg.

If need be, ask someone to encourage him forward with a tap on the hindquarters.

The horse will eventually load, but you need to be patient.

Why does my horse refuse to load anymore?

Travelling with a horse on trailer or horsebox should always be a positive experience for the animal.

Some horses have had bad experiences through poor driving.

Bad driving plays a big part in a horse being reluctant to load.

The problem is, these people think they are good drivers, so are unaware of the stress they cause to the horses.

You might think you are a good driver, but are you planning ahead enough?

Harsh breaking is brought on by poor planning ahead. This means some drivers will take a bend too fast, making the horse feel unsafe.

Too fast on approach to roundabouts or pulling off to quickly can also upset the horse.

Junctions and traffic lights is another on.

Some horses are more forgiving than others are, how much will your horse put up with before he’s had enough of travelling?

Travelling horse equipment to load horse

There is equestrian equipment on the market developed for a horse that does not particularly have an issue with loading except it simply doesn’t want to, and frankly doesn’t have to.

We all know a “stubborn horse” even if we don’t own one.

This equipment houses four meters of webbing line, much like a lunge line within the harness itself.

These lines pull out once you have the horse near the ramp and clip on to quick release Velcro straps.

As the horse walks forward, the lines retract and if the horse tries to walk backwards the lines lock, just like the pressure from the lunge line.

This equipment takes away all the stress, eliminating issues of who is the strongest and teaches your horse to load.

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