Italian horse

The Italian horse, Trio Pesante Rapido or commonly known as the Italian Heavy Draft, which is the only one of the draft horse breeds of Italy originating in the northern regions.

The breed is based on the Breton, from Brittany in France.

Horses that meet the breed conformation standards set by the breed registry are branded with a design of a ladder with five pegs enclosed by a shield.

Foals are examined twice, between two and seven months and again at two and a half years.

Horses passing the first evaluation are branded on the left hindquarter; those that pass the second are marked again on the left side of the neck.

Italian horse breed pictures

Breton stallions were crossed with local mares to produce the Italian heavy draft.

The breed was a popular draft horse and was bred in many areas, which include Udine, Treviso, Venice, Veron and Padua.

The heavy draft eventually became redundant in agriculture and as a transport horse, as machinery and farm implements were introduced.

Today the main use for this heavyhorse is for the meat market, as it matures quickly, although it is still used as a workhorse.

It stands around 15 – 16hh with the most common colour being liver chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail.

Other colours being roan, chestnut and bay.

They are placid in nature with a muscular body.

The head is light for a draft breed, with a straight or slightly convex profile, and it is set on a short, broad and muscular neck.

The withers are fairly pronounced and muscular, the chest broad and deep, and the shoulders sloping.

The back is straight and short, the flanks short and rounded, with a sloping croup.

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