Breed information of horses


"Breed information of horses"

Horses were primarily used as a working animal before mechanization.

Today they are mostly used for pleasure and competitive sport. Warm bloods are created by crossing hot bloods and cold bloods.

Thoroughbreds and Arabians together crossed with cold-blooded draft horses, produced a horse with the calm temperament and robust physique from the cold blood, and the spirit and athletic build from the hot bloods.

The Danish Warmblood is a recent breed, with the studbook being established in the early 1960’s.

A splendid horse photo

This breed was formally known as the Danish sports horse and is a good all-round competition horse, excelling at dressage.

Denmark’s horse breeding can be traced as far back as the 14th century at the Cistercian monastery of Holstein (then Denmark).

Large German mares were crossed with top quality Spanish stallions, which produced horses such as Frederiksborg and the Holsteiner.

The new Danish Warmblood was Frederiksborg mares and Thoroughbred origin.

The main influences being the Trakehner, which improved stamina, and English Thoroughbred to further improve speed and movement.

Standing around 16hh – 16.2hh it is a highly sort after competition horse.

While still a young breed, Danish warmbloods are currently represented at international competitions in both dressage and show jumping.

The Danish Warm blood is still an uncommon breed in the United States; however, in 2001 a North American Danish Warm blood Association was formed to promote the breed in the U.S.

"Horses photos" of the elegant Danishwarm blood.

The head has Thoroughbred influence, having little flesh around the Joel.

Powerful limbs, clean joints and sloping shoulders along with a good amount of bone below the knee, clean joints and even feet.

Powerful limbs, clean joints and sloping shoulders along with a good amount of bone below the knee, clean joints and even feet.

Bay is the most common colour but all solid colours being acceptable.

This athletic horse has natural scope and ability,specifically bread for competition.

Young horses are often loose jumped, before being broken.It's a good way of spotting a talented, brave an bold horse early.

This horse is way above the fence showing his talent. It is not uncommon for young horses to jump much higher over a fence until they learn to measure it on approach.

Breed information of horses

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