Hunter horse

What is a show hunter horse?

The show hunter is a type of show horse commonly seen at equestrian events across Britain. The British "show hunter" is shown primarily on the flat, while the "working hunter" must also jump a series of rustic fences.

This horse is not a breed.It is of unknown pedigree but have a distinct "look".

Such types of horses include, cobs (except the Welsh Cob), hacks, hunters and polo ponies.

Types are a crossbreed specially selected to produce the right type of horse or pony for a particular job.

Hunter horse

The height varies from 15- 17hh (1.52 – 1.83m). All colours are accepted but solid colours are preferred.

In the UK, hunter-classes dominate the summer shows.

They are split into different categories based on their ability to carry weight.

Lightweight Thoroughbred -type must be able to carry a small person all day.

Middleweight is able to carry a weight of 14 stone all day.

Heavy weight – be able to carry over 14 stone for a full days hunting.

A  quality animal must also have good conformation and manners.

It needs to be well put together with an intelligent head and alert expression, well-sloped shoulders: compact body and deep girth.

It should have good bone with clean limbs and joints along with good feet.

The horse must always be in a balanced frame.

The hunter should have a straight, ground-covering movement with little knee action.

They should be able to show a good gallop, and come back to canter when asked. The horse should have straight, "daisy cutter" or "pointed toe" movement.

This, too, relates back to the hunt field, where a horse had to be balanced in order to cope with the changing terrain, sometimes sudden change of direction, and surprising fences.

They are used for-hunting-, riding, showing and jumping.

A show hunter is not only judged on movement, but also on temperament and manners.

Thus, the show hunter should always be relaxed and calm, yet attentive to its rider. It should be responsive to invisible signals and look relatively easy to ride.

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