How to gallop

So you want to know how to gallop horse and ride at top speed! sounds like fun!

What is a gallop?

The gallop is a four-time gait, so each leg will hit the ground separately, leaving the horse to carry its weight on each leg for a couple of seconds.

Galloping is exciting and fun, but not recommended for the novice rider or if you have just started, learning to ride.

You should be well established and balanced at trot and canter first in order to be confident enough to know how to ride fast.

Some horses get very excited when it comes to galloping in an open field and can be extremely difficult to pull up.

If this is your first time to gallop, make sure you are on your own and not in the company of other horses and no other horses in bordering fields.

This is extremely important, believe me!

If you decide to go for a gallop with another horse, what usually happens is the horses get so excited they race each other.

This can be a very frightening experience if it’s your first gallop.

If you go for a gallop and there are horses in bordering fields,, the horse you are riding may suddenly become a lot fresher, especially if the other horses start cantering and snorting around the fields.

Take someone on foot with you who can also give you some encouragement.

An even field with a good surface that runs uphill is the best way to begin, as it is much easier to stop a horse and more likely to tire him out.

Galloping position

You need to take up a forward position in order to gallop.

Lean forward so your backside raises clear of the saddle and keep in a balance position with your arms and hands higher, so the reins will be shorter and higher up the horse’s neck.

The rider should be looking forwards and not down at the floor.

If this is your first attempt to gallop, it is a good idea to practice your forward position while the horse is standing still.

How to gallop

How to ride fast - Ask for gallop

Establish a good canter and move forward into the gallop position.

While you are cantering, keep asking the horse to go forwards by using your legs.

The canter will get faster and you will begin to gallop.

In open spaces, some horses will not need encouragement due to excitement.


How to stop after galloping

It is not easy to stop some horses in open space, as they get so excited.

Some are more responsive than others are.

When you want to stop, you need to slow the speed down to a canter by taking an upright position, keeping contact with your legs and reins.

When the horse responds you can relax the reins and legs a little.

If you do experience a problem and the horse is choosing not to listen; keep him on a large circle and slowly decrees it.

If there is a hill around kick him on as fast as he will go and when he starts to tire keep him going for a bit longer before bringing him to a stop.

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