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The Maremmanno, also known as the Maremmana, emanates from around Tuscany in the area known as Maremma, in central and western Italy.

Not much is known of the origins of this breed.

In the 19th century selective breeding began to improve the breed.

Local Italian mares were crossed with Thoroughbred stallions to refine the type; providing a finer looking horse, as the original type was tough, hardy but coarse working horse, traditionally a mount for the Maremma cattlemen,known as butteri and used for herding cattle (livestock management).

Today it's used a saddle horse or for light draft work.

The Maremmano breed generally stands between 15 and 15.3 hands (60 and 63 inches, 152 and 160 cm)

The head is often heavy and common looking with an honest expression and kind eye, alert ears set on a high long, muscular neck that is broad at the base and well-muscled withers, upright shoulders with a full chest.

The back is short and well-proportioned, well rounded and powerful hindquarters and sloping croup.

The legs are solid and sturdy with good joints and strong hooves.

With sloping pasterns and well-formed hard feet.

The tail is low set with the mane and tail being on the thin side.

Coat colours are of any solid colour usually bay, brown, dark chestnut or black, although grey and roan are occasionally seen.

Over the years, they have been used by the army and police, due to their calm trainable nature.

The breed is also used for general riding, endurance and to improve other breeds.

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They are a tough breed of horse, with a gentle nature but strong physique making it an excellent all round riding horse.

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