Horse training

What is long reining?

It is a form of horse training; it is driving the horse along the road or fields walking behind it; or by working on a circle, which is a good way to introduce the horse for the first time, and improves rhythm and balance.

How to train horses is a matter of choice as people have many different ideas and beliefs. 

It is educating and part of the sequence of breaking a horse, though not everybody will see it as essential.

What are the benefits of this kind of horse training?

The horse will learn to be responsive and supple without a rider on board.   

Long reining is a ground training technique. 

It is commonly used to introduce a young horse, prior to being ridden.

It is ideal for the young or week horse to be worked in this way.  

It teaches a horse to move forward with a person walking behind it, before having a rider on its back and using the reins.

It is a good horse training method to re school the older horse that has missed the basics. 

The feel of the outside rein on its side will make the horse more accepting of your leg, the first time you mount the horse.

Long reining puts no strain on the horse, if it is done correctly. 

If the horse has a tendency to cut in on part of a circle when you lunge it, you can keep it out with the second rein, and likewise if he turns in on you. 

Using two reins will encourage the horse to work through from behind and track up, influencing the forehand and hindquarters. 

This method of training is especially good for working small ponies to a high standard. If a young horse has been long reined he will be much easier to guide and control when ridden for the first time.

As I mentioned earlier, people have different ideas when it comes to training and breaking a horse.

I am a strong believer in long reining, especially when breaking a horse.

In my opinion, it is an important part of their training. However, there are many people, who skip the long reining for whatever reason. However, cutting corners is not the answer.

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