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This horse dealer information, is intended to make you aware how important it is to take an experienced person  with you to buy a pony or horse and it is advisable to get a vet to view the animal.

It costs the same to keep a lame or bad horse as it does a good one, in fact it costs more to keep a bad one as you will incurred a lot more vet’s bills.

Most dealers run a good horse selling business and have an excellent reputation, which is important to them.

It is only a small percentage that are not so honest.

Buying a horse from a trader or back street dealer is no different to a car dealer.

There are good ones and bad ones. It is always a good idea if someone recommends a good horse trader to you.

Lively horse

The horse that is lively and a handful to manage, which has proven difficult to sell would be exercised early on the day you arrive.

The horse-selling advert will be very basic and worded carefully so there are no comebacks.

When you arrive always, look for sweat marks. These can found around the saddle area and at the top of the head where the bridle goes.

The horse may have been given something to calm him down so you are not viewing the horse as it usually is.

The horse with no water

Another cruel dirty trick is to leave the horse in his stable without water for at least 24hrs.

So when you arrive, view the horse in his stable and look to see if he has water in his bucket.

Lame horse

The lame horse might have been given a pain-killing drug to appear sound, in order to get a sale.

Horses that are meant for slaughter sometimes end up in these yards with the horse trader well aware of their very cheap find.

Pain killing drugs will be administered and the horse will be sold on cheaply.

Broken down horse

Broken down Ex Irish Race horses (Thoroughbreds) find their way to the UK sold at slaughter price, then sold on cheaply again.

Horse trader

Some horses are fresh off the track, many with leg problems and anyone that has owned an ex racehorse knows that they need to be re trained before they are suitable to be sold on as a riding horse or for any other discipline for that matter.

For these types of people with no conscience, horses are just money to them and they would sell any horse to anybody, even if it were clearly not suitable for the rider.

A situation like this occurs when an inexperienced person arrives on the yard, either alone or with a friend who is also inexperienced or has no knowledge of horses.

The horse trader will be friendly and you will have a warm welcome.

Just by asking a few simple questions, he or she will work out how knowledgeable you are.

I cannot stress enough the importance of taking an experience person along with you, when buying a horse.

Two heads are better than one!

 If the horse has been shod, never assume everything is ok. Pick up all four feet in turn, if you can.

I say this, as it has been known for some people, to shoe them themselves even if it means tying them down to the floor.

These horses are petrified, as they have not been handled enough.

This is the lengths some people “Dodgy Horse Dealers, “will go to just to make money.

Yes I know this is Barbaric, but unfortunately, not all people are animal lovers, some are just interested in making a quick profit.


Horses with poor feet - For example sand cracks have been disguised by filling in the gaps with polly filler and painted over with black paint.

To the untrained eye, the foot appears perfect and well presented.

Sometimes horses are sold with the wrong equine passport, because the horse trader selling it does not have a passport so they will give you the passport of a deceased horse.

This equine passport should have been handed back for stamping but these type of people hold on to them.

Some have been known to say they have misplaced it and will forward it on to you.

Of course, the passport never arrives.

Some people still buy horses without passports, and for this reason purchase them cheaply.

They mark up the passports themselves including a vet stamp and signature copied from an authentic equine passport.

All illegal, but they are also in a position to change the known age of the horse to their advantage, just like turning the mileage back on a car in order to get a higher price.

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