Horse problems

As a horse owner, one of the common horse problems ,you will have to overcome is damaged rugs.

It’s just a nightmare, as horse rugs are so expensive.

You buy your horse a lovely outdoor rug, and by the time you bring him in, he’s already ripped it!

You then have to get it repaired, that’s more money!

First, let me say, it might not be your horse damaging the rug.

Horses that are turned out in groups can be very playful.

I have seen many a horse, dragging another around by its rug. 

This situation is very common in youngsters.

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If this is not the case, start by checking the rug, making sure it fits the horse correctly.

If the rug is too small, it could be rubbing or pinching across the chest or around the shoulders.

Make sure the rug is sitting in the correct position, as a rug that has been pulled back too much could irritate him.

Are you over ruging the horse?

If you over rug a horse, he will get too hot and start to feel very uncomfortable.

As the horse, beings to sweat he will also feel itchy and will try to rub and scratch himself, on anything.

Rug biting might be his way of trying to remove the rug, along with anything else he can used to lean against to have a good old scratch.

Is something annoying the horse?

If the horse is not over rugged, then take a closer look at the horse’s skin and mane, looking for any skin infections or parasites that might be present.

If you do find anything, treat the horse to relieve the irritation.

Horses, also damage rugs in the stable, especially if they are bored.

It’s not ideal for a horse to spend long hours each day in a stable on their own.

They are social herd animals, so they enjoy the company of other horses.

Separation such as stabling the horse causes stress and anxiety.

Many turn to pulling and biting rugs off stable doors and walls.

If all else fails, upgrade your outdoor rug, for a tougher, longer lasting one.

I have learnt the hard way, now I always spend a little more money on a rug.

Make sure you buy a rug that is at least 1200D outer shell for extra strength.

I have seen them even tougher with 1680D, but it comes with a price.

A good tip for buying rugs is to buy the winter rugs in the summer and summer rugs in the winter.

That way, you always buy in the sale.

Rugs with hair clippings

When clipping a horse, use an old rug or blanket to keep the horse warm.

Using his stable rug and forgetting to wipe off the any remaining loose hair will leave the horse feeling itchy.

Horse problems

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Horse problems

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