Horse problem remedies

Not everyone wants to take on a horse problem, especially stable vices. It can be so irritating to watch, and for others to.

There is also a risk of others horses copying this behaviour.

Prevention remedies for stable vices

Ask yourself if you have done all you possibly can to relieve boredom for the stressed horse.

Whatever the horse problem, always try to find the cause and rectify it.

Wind sucking and crib biting.

A wind-sucking collar will help prevent the horse from displaying this constant behaviour.

I use the words “help prevent”, as I have seen horses that continue this habit whilst wearing a wind sucking strap.

The horse has to wear the strap at all times, and only removed when to ride him.

If the horse has just developed this habit, attach a Tattersall ring bit or flute bit to the head collar and leave him in it at all times.

Flute bit

The idea is to stop the horse wanting to play with things with its mouth.

Tattersall ring bit

Electric fencing can deter crib biters, if erected around the fence line.

It can be used in the stable if need be.


Fix an anti weaving grill to the top of the lower stable door, preventing the horse from moving his head from side to side.

Some horses find a way around this and step back from the door, to continue weaving.

Anti-weaving grill

By preventing the weaving it has been known for some horses to box walk.

Box walking

Keep the horse in the field for as long as possible.

If you have to stable him, then a companion might help, such as a miniature Shetland or goat.

The animal needs to live in the same stable as the horse.

My horse bites me when I take him up!

If the horse is trying to bite you when you do the girth up, make sure you take it up one hole at a time.

Some horses will object if you try to do the girth up two or three holes at a time.

Horses are sensitive creatures, so yanking the girth up quickly is not good management.

It is wise to check that the saddle still fits the horse and is not broken.

Biting whilst being tacked up.

Make sure you do the girth up, one hole at a time, rather than taking it up three holes in one go.

It is also a good idea to check that the saddle still fits the horse and is not broken.

Biting over the stable door or wall.

Ask your self is the horse happy with his neighbours.

Horses are just like us, they can like or dislike others.

They get on well with some horses and loath other horses.

By removing the horse to another stable, could solve the problem.

If the horse is trying to bite people over the door who walk past, you might need to fix a pole or grill across the upper part of the top door, preventing the horse from lunging forward.

Before you do this, ask yourself if the horse could be teased other people or horses.

Pawing the floor

Rubber matting will muffle the sound and wear of the shoes.

Bolting feed

Mix chaff with his feed, to slow him down.

Horses like to eat the nice bits first, so will sift through the food picking out what they want to eat first.

Wood chewing

Electric fencing surrounding the paddock will prevent the horse from biting the wood.

The stable door can be protected by covering the top, where biting takes place.

An anti crib gel or paste can be used to protect the wood.

It makes it less appealing, with foul smells and a nasty taste.

Wall kicking

If the horse kicks out at the walls or stable door, pad it out with rubber mats, to prevent an injury to the horse.

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