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How much food does my horse need?

My horse is a hardy type and lives out, but not in work.

For this type of horse or pony, such as a cob or Welsh mountain pony that lives out and not in work, hay would be sufficient to maintain condition during the winter months.

My horse is a finer type that lives out and not in work.

The finer breeds will lose ground quickly through the winter months.

Thoroughbred type horses and fine ponies will need hay plus concentrates, roughly 80% hay and 20% hard feed such as cool mix or cubes.

Keep a close eye on the horse and split the feed into two, so you can feed morning and night.

My horse is on box rest

Any horse or pony confined to a stable and not in work only requires hay, which should be of good quality.

My lead rein pony lives out and is in very light work.

I would only feed hay for this type of pony.

If you want to give the pony something when he comes to call, a chopped up apple or carrot is a great way to say thank you and will also keep the pony sweet.

During the winter months, a horse’s condition must be closely monitored.

Some ponies grow a very long thick winter coat and this can easily disguise a pony that is losing ground fast.

Sharp ponies require hay only. It must be of good quality. Hard food should only be given if the pony loses condition.

Make sure you are feeding him non heating food.

My friend had a small section B pony who was an amazing show jumper, but he was a sharp pony to ride. (On his toes)

I remember asking her what she fed him on as they were always away competing all over the country.

Her reply was “He only has quality hay, he’s cheep to keep. He would be like a bottle of pop if I fed him! “

You can reward these types of ponies with a juicy chopped up apple, carrot or polo's.

Purpose built field shelter, ideal for horses and ponies who winter out.

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