Identification horse markings

Horse markings are usually white and you will find them on the face legs, feet.

The word “markings” means all the stripes or patches on a horse.

They are very important and used to identify the animal and recorded in the horse passport.

When you buy a horse, always check the markings in the passport, against the horse.

Mistakes can easily be made, and you could end up with the wrong passport.

Horse pictures

Star marking on an Arab horse

This is a white mark that can be of any shape on the forehead.

Stripe and Snip

A narrow band of white hair down the face is called a stripe.

A snip is a patch of white on the nose between the nostrils, as seen in the photo above.

Blaze horse - will have a fairly wide white band down the face.


A black stripe running along their backs from the mane to the tail can often be seen on Highland ponies

This is usually seen with a dun-coloured coat.

White face

A horse that has a very wide blaze marking going across to the eyes and down to the muzzle is known as a “white face."

Horse markings

Leg markings

Leg markings are known as socks or stockings. They are mostly white, but there may also be dark marks, which must be recorded on the passport.

Horses socks

The horse has four white socks that go above the fetlock but not as far as the knee or hock.

Four white stockings and a flesh mark.

Stockings are white in colour and reach or cover the knee or hock.

What are Flesh marks?

These are white patches, which are usually seen on the underside of the horse’s belly or flanks, as seen in the picture above.

Horses can also have white marks in other places on their back. These marks are usually the result of a wound, for example a saddle rub. They are known as “acquired marks”.

Another form of identification is whorl horse markings. This is a ring of hair that grows in different directions. Some horses have more whorls than others do.


Most horses have dark eyes, but occasionally they can be light in colour.

This picture shows a brown eye.

Wall eyes are also known as blue eyes, glass eye or china eye.


The horse hoof can be dark, white or stripped.

A blue hoof, otherwise known as a dark hoof.

Some horses have four white hooves, while others have one, two or three.

Stripped hooves are light and dark stripes that run up and down the feet.

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