Horse lunging

Loose horse lunging

There is always a danger in loose schooling as you step back to release the horse.

It may decide to give a playful buck or could turn his quarters towards you and kick out. So always, think ahead of the horse, anticipating what he might do next.

Being patient, showing empathy and understanding are qualities needed to work with young horses.

Not all horses will understand what is expected of them in one lesson; it could take several weeks.

Horse lunging

An intelligent horse will never take his eye off you and will begin to anticipate your thoughts.

The horse will quickly learn what is required of him and will work in a rhythmic stride and its balance will improve.

In a down ward transition (like trot to walk) try not to let the horse go straight to “stopping”, e.g. if the horse was in a canter you would ask him to trot followed by a walk and then halt.

It must always appear to go forwards and on into a downward transition, carrying itself lightly.

If the horse is tense or worried it will hit the ground hard as if moves around.

As the horse relaxes, its footfalls will become quieter and safer.

As downward transitions improve this will become more apparent.

Ten minutes a day is enough to begin with. The length of time can be increased depending on the age of the horse.

Although the voice is not commonly used for riding, it is very important when lunging and should be used frequently.

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