Horse grooming tools

Grooming is an important part of caring for your horse.

What horse grooming tools do I need?

Good question – it can be mind boggling if you don’t know what you’re looking for or which horse brush to buy.

Horse brushes include a mane comb, which is useful on very tough thick manes and tails.

On fine skinned horses, it can tear the hair, so I generally use my fingers. The mane comb is  also used when plaiting or pulling manes and tails.   

Mane brush

Hoof pick

Used to remove mud and stones from the hoof. This should be done every day before riding. 

Dandy brush

Used to remove dried mud, sweat and surface dust. 

It is a stiff long bristled brush. This brush should not be used on the head, mane or tail.  

Body brush

This is the main grooming tool for cleaning a horse.

It is a soft bristled brush with short hair to remove dust and grease and dried sweat.  

Rubber Curry comb

Used for removing dried mud and sweat, or loose hair when the horse is moulting.  

Water brush

Used to lay the mane and tail.

It has a medium soft texture and length of bristle.  

Metal Currycomb

This is used to clean brushes.

It should never be used on the coat or a plastic currycomb. 

Horse grooming tools

Sweat scraper is used after washing horse to remove excess water. 

A good invention that reduces drying time.

Equine grooming brushes vary in price.

The better the quality the longer they will last.

All brushes should be washed regularly and placed to dry, making sure the water drains away from their backs.   

If you are just starting out you will need a brush box or bag that comes with a kit of brushes.

Most equestrian shops and online stores will sell a full set of brushes complete with container.

Brushes can also be purchased individually so you can upgrade your brushes over time.

A horse that is ill (infected) should have its own set of brushes.


A large sponge is used for applying water to cool off the horse or remove stable stains.  

A small sponge is used for cleaning the eyes, nose, mouth and a different small sponge for cleaning the dock. 

I find it is easier to have two different coloured sponges for face and dock, not to get them mixed up. 

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