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The Rhinelander is also known as the Rheinish.This German breed is a relatively new warmblood breed, developed in the 1970’s.

The Rhinelander is traditionally bred around Warendorf state stud, which it shares with the Westphalian.

It is bred to the same standard as the Westphalian and other German warmbloods.

The base line for this bred is the old Rheinisch- Deutsches Pferd (Rhenish – German horse) or otherwise known as the Rhineland heavy draft, which was a hard working draft horse in the Rhineland, Westphalia and Saxony regions.

The draft horse had many qualities, one being a very good nature that lived off a basic diet and matured early.

Horse equine

The breed was eventually made redundant, due to modern agricultural practices and is no longer recognised in Germany.

The Renish studbook remains open and breeders have developed lighter versions of the breed leaning more towards the developing of a warm blood riding horse.

The new breed of riding horse was created by using stallions from the Hanover Westphalia area, on Warm blood mares that were sired by Trakehners, Thoroughbreds and Hanoverians who were out of dams that were blood related to the old Rhenish heavy horse breed.

The finest of the half-bred stallions were selected to develop the breed.

The breed stands around 16.2 hands high (1.68m) with chestnut being the predominant colour, although all solid colours are allowed.

The head is plain and small, resting on a thick but strong muscular neck, strong shoulders, and clean legs.

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