Horse cribbing

What is horse cribbing?

This is when a horse takes hold of any solid object with his teeth, arches his neck and gulps down air.

The horse will make a distinctive grunting noise each time he crib bites.

This behaviour will affect the incisor teeth, every time the horse takes hold of an object.

It is constant and compulsive.

As an owner, watching a horse displaying this type of behaviour can be frustrating and many worry that other horses will copy.

Once learnt this vice is extremely difficult to eliminate.

Before you buy a horse, always ask if he has any stable vices, so you know exactly what you are taking on.

Horse cribbing is just one of many horse vices.

Why does my horse behave like this?

A horse stabled for long periods, simply becomes bored. There is nothing to occupy him. It can also be a learned response.

The main concern is the danger of colic to the horse, although there is a greater concern of severe colic in horse's that wind suck

Horse cribbing collar

If you have done everything- the horse has forage, freedom and friends but still behaves in this manner - go to Cribbing horses - Remedies

 How can I help my horse?

Keep the horse out as much as possible. In the field, he will be constantly grazing, which relieves boredom.

Horses enjoy the company of other horses.

They will pass time, by grazing, grooming each other and playing.

When the horse is stabled, either use small holed hay nets or split the hay into smaller portions and ask someone to put hay net in a few hours later.

Therefore, instead of having two hay nets a day, the horse would be having the same amount only he would receive four hay nets through the day and night.

This way, it will slow the horse down and it will not go long without fibre.

For further information on providing a stimulating environment Click Here

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