Which horse clip?

Do I need to clip my horse?

If your horse or pony is not in work, the answer is simply no,it will not need a horse-clip. However, which one you choose will depend upon the amount of work you require from your horse.

My first-clip is usually around late September, early October and the last horse clip around the end of December or early January.

If you remove the hair after January, it will spoil his summer coat.

Why remove the hair all year round?

Most competition horses are clipped all year round, as it makes horses more comfortable when competing and training hard.

It also make s life easier for the grooms who have several horses to care for.

Different horse-clips

Horses in hard work such as competition horses generally all hair removed.

Everything is shaved, including the legs. A triangle is left at the top of the tail.


The legs are left unclipped to just below the elbow and stifle joint, and the saddle patch. A triangle is left at the top of the tail.


The legs are left in to just below the elbow and stifle joint.

Hair is removed from the side of the face (although not shown in this pic), to the bridle line and the under part of the neck, from the shoulder, belly and thigh.

This type of horse-clip is suitable for equines in light work or a first clip for a young horse.


This horse-clip is an extension of the trace-clip, taking out the head and ears, leaving only the top of the back and neck covered.

Blanket -clip

If you are clipping the horse for the first time a blanket or trace-clip is ideal.

This horse clip is suitable for cold backed horses or horses that easily catch chills.

It is also a good  for horses or ponies that are competing in the winter months and may spend time standing around between classes.

This type leaves the shape of an exercise blanket on the horse by taking out the head, neck, shoulders and belly and a narrow strip on either sides of the dock.

The simplest  is the neck-clip, where the hair is removed from the front of the neck only.

It is mostly seen on leading rein ponies that are in very light work.

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