Horse buck information

What is a horse buck ?

A horse will lower his head and raise his hind quarters into the air and can also kick out with his hind legs (back), making it more powerful and difficult for the rider to stay on, which is quite frightening for the inexperienced rider.

If you're not expecting it, you can sometimes be caught off guard and end up being bucked off!

This is a problem that is potentially dangerous when riding.

Natural behaviour

When the horse is loose in a field, it is a natural expression of happiness.

The horse may be excited, fresh or just happy to be turned out.

Rodeo horse bucking

Some horses are encouraged to behave this way for entertainment, with the help of a strap around their flanks which is pulled tight.

Rodeo events are not everyone’s “cup of tea”, but are normal behaviour at such events.

Bronc riding is a rodeo event that involves a competitors, riding horses (sometimes called a bronc or bronco), that attempt to throw or buck the riders off.

Bucking is encouraged and competitions are held and the winner is the rider who can stay on the longest.

A "flank strap" (or, "bucking strap") is used to encourage the horse to kick out straighter and higher when it bucks.

The flank strap is about 4 inches wide, is usually covered in sheepskin and fastens behind the widest part of the abdomen.

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